Gant Day

By Adeola

Today l decided to wear one of my short sleeve Gant shirts.

This one l bought in Helsinki Finlanf quite a long time ago.



One of the reasons to buy quality products even if the costs are exaggerated is that they last you especially if you have quite a number of them. Then you can use them for many years that you wouldn’t even worry about the cost anymore.

Cheap things don’t last and you replace them often. On the long run you spend more money when you buy cheap things.

It is not always that costly things are better than cheap things. Over time you get some experiences and then you can discern and make wise decisions that suit your earnings or lifestyle.

I bought a pair of Gant jeans recently and it seems l shared the information on this site before.

Anyway the jeans was on today. It does not happen often that l combine Gant top and down. Having only one pair of Gant jeans make it even less likely. I mean if this pair of jeans was not on sale l would still not own one with that label Gant.



So it was a Gant Day for me.

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