G-Star Trench Coat and Autumn Shoe

Ny Adeola





G-Star raw is one of my favourite brands. For me what matters is that l like what l buy and that it fits. Sometimes l worry about the price but looking good must come with a price.

I love this Trench coat. I bought it at a time when l already have all the kinds of jacket l wanted.

It is an addition to a pool of luxurious winter jackets and sorts.

This Trench coat looks rugged and adapted for autumn. If the winter is not terribly cold, it works too.

With a sweat shirt under it works in the winter. It depends on how you want to look…and the style you choose l guess.

And look at those shoes. I have had them for a couple of years. Still loving them.

G-star makes quality stuffs and if you are patient you can get them for good prices.

Many online stores run sales all year round and l really recommend G-star raw products.

I will be posting more in the coming days. The jeans too.

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