My Visit to Barkarby Handelsplats

By Adeola

You don’t have to go to Stockholm city if you want to see tourists in Stockholm.

Barkarby Handelsplats is a perfect place to see visitors in Sweden.

From lKEA to the outlets where designers clothes (märkeskläder) are sold at discount rates…there are no shortages of foreigners at this location.

Of course locals are here too. We need stuffs too.

So l was at this places and l went to Stadium + as planned. I bought white t shirts that l usually have under my clothes. Ok…that is a secret let out!

image front of Wrangler outlet shop
Gant outlet shop barkarby
A view over outlet in barkarby

Then l went to Fillipa K. I found a jacket l could not buy. But l also found a suit l bought…totally unplanned.

Check this out…



Kavaj Av Fillipa K
When next l tell you l am going to Handelsplats just to look around…will you still trust me?

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