My First Ever Gant Jeans

by Adeola

l counted my Gant shirts and it was quite a handful.

But l just bought my first pair of GANT jeans. Considering the price of the jeans which is about 1600kr, l don’t know when l am buying the next one. The price is similar to what you pay for a similar pair of jeans from BOSS.

To be fair, the jeans have good quality and you can feel it when you touch it and when you put them on, but common, how many people can cough 1600 kr for a pair of jeans?

Some jeans are sold for 400kr and though their qualities may be low, l think one would feel accomplished to buy 4 pairs for jeans for 1600kr than to buy just a pair.

Well, taste for things are different and some people just want to cover their nakedness when they dress up. They don’t care about designers shirts or designer jeans.

I did not buy the jeans at 1600 kr. l paid 480 kr for it. I won’t tell you how many percentage discount that is.

l am a mathematics teacher so if you are reading this, l am going to leave you to do the math.

IMG_2637 IMG_2638
Gant Jeans

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