NISHIKI 401 2015 Model

By Adeola

My bicycle arrived by post. Yes, that’s what you get when you order online.

Post Nord,
Post Nord,

The packet was whole, l mean the bicycle was almost totally mounted except the pedals. I also had to fix the steering so it is straight and forward.

I am looking forward to a nice experience with my 3rd bicycle ever in Sweden. This is the first time l am using a NISHIKI and l hope it will be a happy story.

I know someone who has used the older version of Nishiki 401 for a long time and she is still enjoying it. Actually l have also borrowed the bicycle several times when my previous bicycle was vandalised.

I bought ABUS amaro 4850 lock on the back wheel and l just have to find a way to lock the front wheel as well. When my last bicycle was vandalised, the front wheel was stolen!

Nishiki 401
Nishiki 401

But l am glad the insurance company compensated well on the bicycle and with a little bit of input l am able to now buy this 401 NISHIKI.

There is a link to the store where l bought this bicycle; you can check it out here

or through their main page and try to find Nishiki 401

Here are more pictures of my new Nishiki 410 bicycle

IMG_2293 IMG_2294 IMG_2295 IMG_2296

I think the price is high but reasonable when l compared it to what the other stores are selling at. Actually they claim it is a campaign.

Now you have seen that l am not only interested in clean, nice, quality clothes…l am also interested in other things that go with quality and having a NISHIKI 401 is now one of my fashion collection.


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