How To Save Money On Sales…Or Not

By Adeola

I had to share this. I mean l see this often but this time l must share.

Sail Racing is a brand that l got interested in recently, say since 2014. So l have quite a handful of their polo and rugby tops.

Just chcking now what is going on with SALES generally and while one shop will sell a polo top for 399 kr, another will sell at 499 kr and some will still be selling the same top for 799kr or more.

l just think that is crazy.

So whilst you are looking around, it is always go to check online where you can get the cheapest value for the same top.

Look at this images…

Expensive Shop 799 kr
Expensive Shop 799 kr
Cheap store 450 kr
Cheap store 450 kr

This shirt can actually be bought for 399 kr by carefully looking around in some physical shops. If not now, soon anyway as the summer season fades away.

Good luck to all consumers..remember you don’t save money by buying at original price or discount price. Anytime you buy something, you lose money. Cheers

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