Gant Opens At Outlet, Barkarby.

By Adeola

Today 13th of July 2015 l found out that GANT opend at Outlet since wednesday 8th of July 2015. That was a discovery for me.

I looked at their collection and it looked really nice, very comparable to what you will find in their flagship store.

The prices are not good for outlet prices though. l mean this is the peak of summer sales and te clothes should go for 60-70%.

To make up for this bad offers, what Gant did was to sell an outfit at 30% discount, 2 outfits at 40% discount and 3 or more outfits at 50% discount.

There were a few outgoing stuffs at 70%.

I think this store will soon realise what it is to be at thw OUTLET when folk start walking in and out without buying anything.

GANT Outlet today occupies a space that l have seen other stores occupied earlier. They need to go and read about stores that have foled up at the outlet and why. I am sure it is due to lack of patronage.

Welcome to the Outlet GAN. If you want to stay alive and last here, l think you have to sell at OUTLET prices tags all season.

GANT Shirt at Outlet in Barkarby
GANT Shirt at Outlet in Barkarby

I saw this shirt, it was the last one and probably only short sleeve left. Last year l bought it at a price probably around 600kr with freight and you have it now at 70% discount and only size is SMALL. So for about 300kr, good one but that’s what it should all look like.

On this first sighting, l did not buy anything-which is a miracle.

l  have a brother visiting me and he was interested in buying some stuffs, so he bought 3 outfits at 50% discount and still paying 1797 kr for all three put an item on 70% discount. That was expensive impulse buying!

Good for GANT!

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