Shirt Of The Day…GANT Madras Beach Poplin

By Adeola

GANT makes some of the most outstanding shirts in the industry. They may argue that quality cost money. It does actually.

However their shirts are over-priced. That does not mean that l don’t buy them. I do.

This Madrad Beach Poplin falls in line with my love for checkers (shirts with block design and multi-colour).

The best thing with multi-colour checkers is that they pass together with any colour of jeans. They even pass with most colour of shoes l would say.

I love check shirts and this Gant Madras is one of my favourites.

20150705_150312 20150705_15035420150705_150331

This is one of those shirts that will go for 899 kr or 999 kr.

I can’t remember at how much discount l bought this one. Probably 30% discount.

The most common discount at a GANT Store is 30%. At the peak of summer when everybody is out of town, they get the boldness to go down to 50%.

But at that time, early shoppers already got the good stuffs and maybe your size is gone.

So if you like a shirt or anything at all, get it before it is out of stock.

The good thing is that you will use it for a very long time, like l always do. That’s the way you build a worthy closet or wardrobe, buy quality things that will stand the test of time.

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