l Love Shoes Too..!

By Adeola

l have not been posting about my shoes but l have quite a handful of them as well. Here let me share with you 1 or 2 pairs of shoes.

20150708_123531 20150708_123533

Nike Trainers/ Sneakers.

l may have own this pair of shoes for 10 years (maybe 9). I bought them in Stockholm City at the Nike Store somewhere around Östermalm.

I don’t know if the same shop still exist or they moved.

You see, this is the good thing with quality products even if they cost a bit more, they always last.

O, by the way…sometimes in a year l probably didn’t use the shoe at all, so that is another reason. I am not out running everyday.

I use them when l attend a sport activity, run on my machine (not any more) and maybe when l’m throwing basketball in front of my house.

This pair of sport shoes have lasted and people continue to admire them when l put them on.

20150708_123740 20150708_123749 20150708_123803 20150708_123824_HDR

G-Star shoes are my favourites. I love these semi-boots as l see them.

They are super cool.

You can use them with office tops and even perfectly for jeans.

You can see l have them in two different colours, yes l am a collector.

Another day l will share some other variants of these particular shoe.

They usually cost between 800-1500 kr depending on when you check them out, the season and the demand.

If you are not in a hurry, take it easy..one store will sell them soon at 750 kr (hard to find at that price though).

So these are some of my shoes, l hope you like them.

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