G-Star Trench Coat and Timberland Boot Combination

By Adeola

Do you like fashion? Do you like to dress simple, yet cool? You should borrow my tips sometimes.

Here l have a Trench coat from G-star which l matched very well with Timberland boots.

This is good for spring or winter winter when the cold is not extreme.

You’ll find great comfort with simple styles.

The Trench coat cost over a thousand swedish crowns but at discount sales, maybe you’ll find it for 900 kr. Still not cheap, l know!

20150201_141018 20150131_153803 20150131_153754

Timberland boots hardly go down in prices. They are timeless and durable, they serve you for years. So, yes, go for them even at 1899 kr or 1 500 kr. You won’t buy them every year unless you are ruthless.

Did you see that the Timberland boots are different?

Style is a function of your state of mind. Always try to avoid over-dressing. Make it simple, easy.




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