Tommy Hilfiger Shirt Of The Day..

By Adeola

If you fancy a nice summer shirt, this is it. With blue and red stripes design, l got this from Åhlens in Central Stockholm.

I must say l didn’t buy the shirt the first time l saw it.

It was 1000 sek and for me that was quite expensive. At another time, l actually went to try the shirt again and it was on 30% discount. That means it is now 700 sek.

l liked it and the one l tried was the last of the Medium size available. So l thought maybe its time to buy it now.

The other reason l bought it was because as l was trying the shirt on, l heard someone call out my name. It turned out to be a group of boys whom l had taught mathematics at a secondary school.

So, l thought, yeaa..l’ll buy it so l can always remember that l bought the shirt on the day l saw Abdullah and his friends ar Åhlens.

But really, you don’t save money as a consumer when you buy stuffs-never forget that! 30% discount still means l parted ways with 700 sek, that was not cheap at all.

But l’m sure l’ll enjoy the shirt for a few years to come.

Tommy Hilfiger Shirt
Tommy Hilfiger Shirt

20150626_173310 20150626_173314

My former students ran into me at Å trying the shirt on
My former students ran into me at Åhlens…me trying the shirt on

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