T-Shirt Of The Day

By Adeola

I bought this shirt at Hugo Boss Store, Handelsplatsen in Barkarby.

The shopping area is reported to have one of the most visited places in Sweden. It is located at Järfälla Kommun. You must visit the shopping complex to understand why it is probably the most visited place in Sweden and a popular tourist attraction center.

Anyway, this HUGO BOSS pike troja is a couple of months old now in June and l have not even put it on yet.

Yea, there a couple of clothes in my closet that are yet to see sunlight or daylight.

But l like the design of this shirt, it cost me around 800 kr or more, not sure now…. at discount price. The original price must be between 1300-1400 kr.

I think the prices of HUGO BOSS clothing are exaggerated.

Sure the quality is there and like many other trademarke clothes, they do last…still the prices are on the high side.

Hugo Boss, Pike T-shirt
Hugo Boss, Pike T-shirt

Orange colours of clothes are not meant for everybody. So sometimes even some clothes are looking nice and lovely, not everybody can wear them.

When you buy clothes, think about comfort and if they really stand out when you put them on. Then you can step out in real style.



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