Closet Cleaned and Tidy…!

Adeola Aderounmu

One day somebody is going to ask me, why are you doing this? I will not have a very good answer because there are many ways to think about this.

Ordinarily l blog about corruption in Nigeria and how the government have neglected the people and the society for more than 50 years.

Here l am blogging about my personal life especially my taste for clothes and shoes.

These 2 extremes do not hold together.

But l have worked hard to build my life. l have lived within my income and l have not stolen money from people or government.

I remember the days l went to school in Nigeria without shoes and l remember many things that until now l recall.

Here l am in Sweden, l’ve spent the last few days cleaning my closet and getting ready for autumn though summer is just about halfway.

My closet is clean, my shirts are pressed and ordered.

My closet, clean and tidy.
My closet, clean and tidy.

l am proud of what my decent living has brought to me and l am happy that l continue to work hard to take care of myself and my family.

I raise my head up, in dignity.

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