My Closet

By Adeola Aderounmu

I am cleaning up my closet and this is going to take a few days…

I have put up many layers of shelves in the last 8 years to keep accomodating my increasing number of clothes and shoes. I thought l was done until this weekend when l found myself in IKEA to buy 2 more shleves.

Fixing my walking closet will now take me 3-4 days because l am working this last week of June.


I decided to work at the summer school to help students reach the goals in mathematics. Of course l will earn some extra pay. Hopefully l won’t buy more clothes and shoes with the extra pay.

I need to travel a bit as well and enjoy the end of the summer holiday in July.

I have a heap of clothes on my bed and another heap in the living room that l don’t even know how l am going to sort these clothes out.


I have to stop buying clothes. But how?

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