First Thing First

By Adeola Aderounmu

Welcome to my blog about my sense of fashion.

I have spent the last 25 years standing mostly in front of students (and other people of course). That is because I am a teacher by profession, and almost by birth-considering how early l started.

I have heard several comments about my sense of fashion and my style of dressing.

A few years ago l started a blog about my clothes, shoes and all that but l lost the blog due to lack of continuity…l can’t recollect the password and email connected to it either.

But the question: are you rich? never seems to go away because my students continue to wonder how l can afford expensive shirts (well not the most expensive). But l try to dress decently and to look presentable and confident.

On this blog, l want to open my world of clothes and my sense of fashion to everyone.

As much as l remember l will try to include the cost of the shirts or whatever it is that l post. If l don’t remember l will guess around it.

Welcome to my blog!

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In this photo, l have on me a sweatshirt and a “light” jacket both from MQ.

The jacket brand is BLACK worth a little over 1000kr, and the sweatshirt orginal price must have been around 599kr. I am pretty sure l bought them with discount coupons or on sales. DOBBER is the name of the brand on the sweatshirt. This combination is good for autumn or early winter.

With a dark blue jeans, and a timberland boot, you are off and going,

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