Another Shirt From Åhlens

By Adeola Aderounmu

I don’t think all the people l know will appreciate this blog because they will think l am promoting capitalism.

Life is going to present us with many choices and if we forget to live we will continue to complain about everything there is.

Anyway, l went to Åhlens and bought this shirt. It cost my 700 kr. The discount was 30%. What l know about discount is that no one sells about the cost price of their items.

So discount or sales are actually ways to get us to buy what is originally expensive or exaggerated at a price that is still “robbing us” of our hard earned money.

When you buy at discount prices, you don’t gain as a customer or consumer, you only lose less money.

Tommy Hilfiger, 1000kr Åhlens
Tommy Hilfinger, 1000kr Åhlens

But the shirt is really nice and l like it. So l bought it anyway. It is long-armed, l still try to keep an array of long-armed shirt despite my love for short-armed ones (kort-arm).

Now I have at least 3 shirts bought from shops that remain unused. It is usually like this in the summer, l buy so many shirts that even at the end of the year some of them remain unused.

There is a SAILRACING sweatshirt l bought since 2014 and l am yet to use it at all. The cost of this sweatshirt is about 1000kr but it is so funny you can get it at 50% less from some outlet shops…only that you have to get online before other people.

Sailracing Rugby Sweatshirt cirka 1000kr
Sailracing Rugby Sweatshirt cirka 1000kr

If you are a shopaholic like me, you’ll be good at monitoring prices online and in the shop and then you lose less money. Remember you don’t gain by buying stuffs!

By the way, last week l bought a long-armed shirt from MQ. Still unopened!

Bondelid Alfonso check shirt
Bondelid Alfonso check shirt 450kr Reapriset
Alfonso check shirt, unopened!
Alfonso check shirt, unopened!

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